The American Flag in Texas: A Love Letter


Over the past few years I have become a traveler. In my travels I have started to develop a series of images that are in response to the death of a loved one. They are a remembrance of sorts. Matthew Johnson was my lover and companion for just over two and half years. He was also a fellow photographer. In the time that I knew him, one of the things I learned is that he liked to photograph the American Flag. I never got the chance to really discuss why he did this; I just knew that it was something that interested him. While I have been seeing and experiencing new places I often think about Matt. At times when my thoughts are with him, I find a flag to photograph.

This work is not meant to be a continuation of Matt’s work, but it is to serve as homage to something he started. The flag itself is a symbol that represents allegiance, patriotism and respect. Most people look to the flag as a sign of remembrance and loyalty, and the act of documenting it easily lends itself to a project meant as a tribute.

Because the idea of patriotism is so prevalent in the current trends of our culture, the American Flag is everywhere. It appears in many different forms and varying states of wear and distress. They are individual entities that exist in different environments.

This project will continue as I continue to travel. Matt is always on my mind and remembering him forces me to continue to work. It is to reflect on what I have lost, and challenge myself to explore the new opportunities that are ahead.